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Silver Stream Horses

About Silver Stream Horses

Silver Stream Horses started in 2009 from a vision of creating a place where horses can live in a natural setting and where people can connect with horses by using natural horsemanship methods.

About Barbara

Originally from Belgium, I have been living in NZ for 11 years. I've been riding horses my whole life, and have been working with them professionally since moving to NZ. I started out as a horse trekking guide in Queenstown, then taking over the business. After running a trekking business in a busy tourist town, I decided I wanted to change things about my life/business. I wanted to help horses and people connect, not just offer an "activity". So we decided to move somewhere a bit slower, and more "real". Silver Stream Valley close to Mosgiel has been home for 6 years already, and we absolutely love it here! I have the space and the time to enjoy horses, and offer them a more natural way to live. Having worked as a race Track rider for some years, starting many young horses for several different disciplines, as well as some great youngsters of my own and learning so much from each of them. I'm so grateful to all of my horses for the life lessons they've taught me. I love taking my horses for a spin on the beach, or a hack around the farm. My horse sport is endurance, and training mixed martial arts on the side has kept me pretty busy the last few years. My 2 girls, 8 and 14 love horses as much as I do, and heading out on riding adventures with them is so much fun

Anyways, that's me in a nutshell, looking forward to meeting you in person on the farm sometime, as I love to share the things I've learnt from horses

Barbara has a wide variety of experience with horses, having worked in various branches of the equine industry.

Working with horses on a daily basis has not only developed horsemanship skills, It has also developed a greater understanding of body language, both human and equine.

Barbara has learnt and further developed natural horsemanship techniques, and is committed to improving the understanding between humans and horses.