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Horse Riding club Dunedin

Locals can join our riding club. If you're an intermediate to experienced rider and you want to head out and have some horse riding fun, come join us!

Silver Stream Horses has some great horses to choose from and awesome locations around to go ride.

We use natural horsemanship, and it's all about having fun with horses. There is no pressure, and it's a great way to get back into riding, get your confidence up and being able to connect with a horse without the commitment of buying one.

The cost is $50 per week for unlimited riding. It also offers discounts to our overnight trips and you can join us on endurance rides and weekends away.

Silver Stream CTR and Endurance team

Endurance riding is a favorite sport of mine that involves riding, 25km, 40 km and 80km rides (all the way up to 160km) My daughters both join me at these rides, and any members of the Silver Stream Riding club can progress into the CTR and endurance team and represent us at competitive rides. 

It really is the best way to see a sunrise, on the back of a fresh, fit horse with 70km to go across stunning countryside.